If you are considering joining ChiroHealthUSA, you are among a growing number of people who are finding themselves uninsured, underinsured, or with limitations in their health plan.

As benefits for chiropractic care dwindle, more families are forced to choose between needed chiropractic care and other necessities. Because patients with insurance coverage have the benefit of the carrier negotiating the fees with the doctor, cash-paying patients, or those with non-covered services like Medicare beneficiaries, may actually have to pay MORE than insured patients. ChiroHealthUSA allows patients to use the membership concept they are already familiar with to access needed care for their immediate family.
Doctors are usually required to charge insurance companies and patients the same fees unless they are under a network contract for a lower fee. ChiroHealthUSA is a contracted network that allows doctors to set and accept discounts on their services for our members. When you join ChiroHealthUSA, you are entitled to similar “in-network” discounts just like the insurance companies.
  • A single $49 annual membership includes everyone in your immediate family.
  • Partially insured patients who have coverage for some services and not others, like Medicare patients, may use their ChiroHealthUSA benefits to complement their existing benefits, specifically for the non-covered services.
  • Patients may use their membership cards at more than 4,300 doctors in the network.

Service Price Chusa Price
Established Patient Medical Visit $100 $70
New Patient Medical Visit $130 $80
Physical Therapy Daily Max Cap Fee $70
Funtional Med Assessment $100 $75
Nutrition Consult $75 $50
1 Area Spinal Adjustment $48 $38
3 Area Spinal Adjustment $55 $42

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These are just examples with Chusa there is a savings on  ALL of our services

Integrated Health’s Hardship Program 

Integrated Health’s Hardship  program is provided to help individuals with no medical coverage or Medicaid.

If your family income is below $57,680  you may be eligible for Integrated Health’s Hardship program.

Household Size             | Income for eligibility
Household Size: 1 Person | Makes less than $21,105
Household Size: 2 People | Makes less than $28,420
Household Size: 3 People | Makes less than $35,735
Household Size: 4 People | Makes less than $43,050
Household Size: 5 People | Makes less than $50,365
Household Size: 6 People | Makes less than $57,680
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