Client with Pain & Limited Opening

A client has called in from work, soon after his mouth has started hurting during a presentation.  What happened was that he got very excited during the presentation and opened his mouth “wider than he should have”.  The audience were worried about him as he had tears swelling up (though hidden) in pain. This client was aware that since around his 20s, whenever he had a project due coming up, or was feeling stressed, the jaw would start to hurt.  Fortunately with this session, and also with the prospect of an upcoming off-from-work-week, the client felt so much more at ease.  And yes, the mouth opened two fingers worth more wider, and without pain.

Client, Loads of TrP Inside the Mouth with a Particularly Stubborn “Crunchy”

Initially client has come in for stress relief and bodywork.  As we worked together, we decided to take a good look at the TMJ issue as bruxism was brought up.  Client has been wearing night guards.  Inter-orally, there have been some easier to release trigger points.  And there were some that were a little more tighter, and then there was one major one right by the left TMJ, as if it was a smooth gravel.  Together we have breathed, rolled it around between fingers (one finger on the inside of mouth and the other on the outside), occasionally pressing in hopes of breaking up ” the knot.”  Eventually, this particularly very stubborn knot has decided to disintegrate, and very interestingly, the tension pattern led my fingers to move up to the cheek bone, along the nose, to the inside corner of the eye.  I pulled out my hand, client takes a deep breath, and we look at each other – “What was that!?”  Not exactly sure what’s all happening – I’m sure there will be some scientists interested in eventually analizing the science (could it be facial tension pattern?  Is that a calcium deposit?  A build up of lactic acid?  I cannot answer with confidence.)  All I know is client experiences relief and that it makes a difference. While not all grinding is not gone from that one trigger point removal, the crunching in this left side TMJ has drastically decreased, and client was happy with the progress.  This client is committed to coming back in, and is aware that repetitive sessions will add up to further healing, recovery and more self-discovery.


Case Study
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