Guess who’s back…back again… Dr Gill, the acclaimed physical therapist at Integrated Health has stopped by with a blog post for this week to kick off the return to regular posts from yours truly, Chris Proctor. Without further ado, here’s Josh:

 I had a patient not too long ago make the comment to me that they felt “silly” coming to get therapy since their pain “wasn’t that bad”. I feel that this is a very common misconception with many patients and I would like to give some insight into why it is more beneficial to seek help at the initial onset of pain and not wait until it is intolerable.

We all have the tendency to wait until pain or dysfunction is so bad that we can’t take it anymore before we seek help from a medical professional. Although issues can still be addressed at this point, there are likely more problems that have to be addressed due to all the compensation that our bodies have been doing for all that time to keep us from experiencing this pain.

 When issues are caught early, they can be addressed much more quickly and to prevent the patient from having to resort to injections or pain medication to deal with them. For example, if you sprain your ankle and just allow it to heal on its own, in most cases, you will likely get better without intervention; however this will likely cause you to lose range of motion in your ankle. This loss in range of motion can cause compensation with walking and functional activity like squatting to pick something up. The compensation that occurs can cause issues in your knee, hip and even low back if you let go long enough, and that pain and dysfunction that happens elsewhere in the body (like your hip or low back) is usually bad enough to send you seeking interventions – like physical therapy.

In the example above if you were to go to therapy immediately after the ankle sprain, then the knee, hip or back issue likely would not have occurred. When you go see your physical therapist they will have a harder time getting you back to normal because not only do they have to treat your back, but they will also have to fix the other compensation mechanisms that you have acquired due to the pain.

Your physical therapist should be able to evaluate you to find the underlying dysfunction that is causing your pain. The area that we are experiencing pain is not necessarily the problem or the issue that is driving our pain to begin with. Spring is here and yard work is about to begin as we get closer to summer, so come to Integrated Health to let us take care of those minor aches before they become something much worse.

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Josh was born and raised in Shawneetown, Illinois . He first attended Southeastern Illinois College for one year before transferring to the University of Evansville where he received his Bachelors of Movement Science followed by his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2010. He has since worked in a variety of settings with a focus in outpatient therapy.

Josh knew very early that he wanted to be a physical therapist always being intrigued by the human body and health. He enjoys helping people achieve their goals through manual therapy, exercise, and education to improve function and decrease pain. He also owns and operates a 24/7 fitness center where he likes to spend time not  only working on his own health and fitness but also helping others achieve their own personal fitness goals. In his free time he enjoys playing sports, working out, and spending time with family and friends.

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