Our History

In 1993 Brian Hester opened Hester Chiropractic Clinic in Harrisburg, Illinois. The clinic gained a solid reputation for listening to a patient’s needs and committing to provide the care each person required on a personal level. Until the summer of 2009, the clinic remained dedicated to the community, its patients and chiropractic care. But that, more or less, was just the beginning.

Integrated Health of Southern Illinois was born in 2009 through a realization that caring for your body requires more than just one approach. Under the direction and leadership of Dr. Brian Hester, the highly-regarded Hester Chiropractic Clinic expanded to include nutritional education and analysis, physical and occupational therapy and massage therapy as well as other primary care areas of emphasis.

The result is now known as Integrated Health of Southern Illinois. The vision expanded and came to life when we moved into Williamson County where we have our Integrated Health Carterville Clinic.

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