Some people view the word “nutrition” as limited to the food we eat. Although proper diet is the center of our nutrition portfolio, there are many ways to supplement our diets to ensure total body wellness. Exercise, correct vitamin and mineral supplementation, reduced stress, adequate sleep, and proper medical check-ups are key components to structuring a nutritious lifestyle. Our practice offers an integrated approach to adding new pages to your nutrition portfolio. Our nutrition staff is dedicated to learning from every individual nutrition patient. We strive to design better, more accessible and efficient ways of improving nutrition and overall health. We will utilize every opportunity and tool we have to ensure our patients are happy with their results. Let us educate you on the importance of nutrition and how you can incorporate these components into your everyday life.

We offer:

STANDARD PROCESS and MEDIHERB- Standard Process and MediHerb are whole food, organic supplement lines. The ingredients in each supplement are specially derived from all organic herbs, plant products, fruits, vegetables, and animal products grown on their own farm certified by MOSA (Midwest Organic Services Association). Our staff is fully educated on the specific use of each supplement and how to build protocol for a wide range of conditions or symptoms.

DESIGNS FOR HEALTH- Supplements designed to offer diverse nutritional products to impact each patients’ health. This supplement line offers different supplements to support each organ system such as liver/detoxification, cardiovascular, endocrine, or immune health.

NORDIC NATURALS- A top of the line Omega 3 Fish Oil, which is also known as food for the brain, is Nordic Naturals. Nordic Naturals is rated as one of the leading companies that offers pure fresh fish oil. The Omega 3 Fish Oil line consists of a variety of flavors, concentrations, and delivery forms.

APEX ENERGETICS- These series of nutritional products designed with the scientific analysis of different ingredients and their effect on supporting the body’s organ system functions.

CELTIC SEA SALT- Authentic, unprocessed, gourmet, whole salt packed full of naturally occuring essential minerals. This wholesome produce is unrefined, quality certified and only takes a pinch of salt to season your food. Enrich the taste of your foods, all while adding vital nutrients to your diet.

INTEGRATIVE THERAPEUTICS- One of the largest providers of natural evidence-based nutritional products. One featured product on behalf of Integrated Therapeutics is Physicans’ Protein. Physicans’ Protein powder is a healthy dietary replacement which creates optimal nutritional value.

BREVAIL- All natural plant lignan extract dietary supplement. Brevail is for all women interested in maintaining optimal breast health and/or, nutritional support for common PMS and menopausal discomforts.

NATURAL VITALITY- Indulge your taste buds with this simple powder formula or liquid vitamin. One product of Natural Vitality that our nutrition department carries is Natural Calm. It provides a daily magnesium supplement to aid in decreasing the negative effects of stress on your body and gives the body the proper support to help with poor sleeping habits. This supplement comes in various flavors.

ORTHO MOLECULAR- Evidence-based formulated supplements that are manufactured with an uncompromising commitment to superior raw ingredients to improve the patients’ health.

BEZWEKEN- Integrated Health believes in taking the best approach possible by naturally supporting womens’ healthcare. Bezweken products are all natural, safe, and effective for women suffering with hormone complications such as PMS, irregular periods, mood swings, or menopause symptoms.

HORMONE HEALTH CONSULTATION- Hormones can rule our lives. Many people, women specifically, struggle with a wide range of symptoms and conditions that stem from hormone imbalances. Our nutrition consultant, Jamie Fuller, has a background in regaining hormone health and utilizing our supplement lines to decrease symptoms.

HAIR ANALYSIS- Hair analysis is performed on a walk-in basis (no appointment necessary). Hair analysis can give a detailed vitamin and mineral breakdown of what your body may be getting too much of, does not get enough of, or does not utilize properly. It is a valuable tool in gaining insight into your personal nutrition. There are some guidelines to ensuring the accuracy of the results, so please call ahead of time and request that information.

SALIVA TESTING- This type of test is geared directly toward hormones. The different hormone panels that can be taken show a wide array of information about how your body is producing and using hormones. Many menstrual, premenopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal symptoms can be analyzed and addressed using this test.

ORTHOPEDIC PRODUCTS- We offer a variety of orthopedic products to better fit your needs. Our products include: Foot-Levelers Pelvic Stabilizers, Core Products Pillows and Leg Spacers, and many braces and supportive devices.

BIOFREEZE- BioFreeze is a topical cold therapy pain reliever used for a variety of aches and pains. We have it available in large pumps, tubes or roll-ons for ease of application.

“Live Healthy In an Unhealthy World!”- Healthy Lifestyle Changes is a program to assist individuals in making daily healthy choices to achieve optimum health and assist in weight loss. This thirty day program will provide you with a personal lifestyle coach, the proper educational tools, and energy boosting supplements.

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