Vestibular Therapy

Vestibular rehabilitation (VR), or vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is a specialized form of therapy intended to alleviate both the primary and secondary problems caused by vestibular disorders. Vestibular Therapy helps those who suffer from vertigo, dizziness, visual disturbance, and/or imbalance. Some secondary problems include nausea and/or vomiting, reduced ability to focus or concentrate, and fatigue. Suffering from these problems affect the quality of life and daily living. Our therapy program is here to help with treatment strategies.

A vestibular rehabilitation program is designed to address balance, dizziness, and overall fitness of the patient.

These conditions can benefit from Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy:

  • BPPV
  • Meniere’s Syndrome
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Balance deficits following a concussion
  • Dizziness associated with position changes and head movement
  • History of falls

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