Ryan Schaefer is a 2010 graduate of Southern Illinois University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. He played football for the Salukis for one year before suffering a career ending knee injury. This knee injury is what led him down the path of Physical Therapy and sports medicine, it continues to be his driving force toward preventing injuries and helping his patients obtain optimal pain free function. He graduated from Belmont University with a Doctorate of Physical degree in August of 2013. Ryan settled in Nashville, TN accepting an outpatient orthopedic position in the heart of the city where he would work with one of the largest Private High Schools in the state. During this time he earned an American Physical Therapy Board Certification, Sports Certified Specialist. He accomplished this by spending many hours outside of the clinic assessing, treating, and developing plans for athletes of all ages to prevent injury, recover from injury, and to optimize performance. With this opportunity he was able to earn his strength and conditioning specialty through NSCA, a certification he uses to train athletes of all ages and competition levels. Ryan has had the opportunity to work with Division 1 athletes, professional athletes, and professional musicians while in Nashville. Ryan has also had the opportunity during this time to work with the top physicians, surgeons, and athletic trainers in the area providing sideline surveillance at sporting events as well as providing top of the line care for optimal recovery and return to sport. Ryan has a strong general orthopedic background with advanced training in assessment and treatment of the spine and the extremities. From knee pain to neck discomfort Ryan will perform the necessary assessments and develop an individualized plan to restore pain free movement and provide education to prevent exacerbations. Ryan has a heavy manual therapy background to facilitate healing and restore quality movement. Being a Native of Southern Illinois, Ryan is excited to return and utilize his skill set to provide the best care available to his friends, family, and community.